Weekly Trainer - LostFit

Weekly Trainer

The Lostfit weekly trainer is designed to help you build muscle while keeping your body in a lean state.

It is setup on a seven-day split by dividing up each muscle group.  If you don’t have seven days to workout that is fine, combine each workout based on your liking. So if you would prefer a 3-day split, 4-day split, 5-day split, or 6-day split, it is up to you and your lifestyle. Make sure to take at least 72 hours between training the same muscle group.


DB: Dumbbell

BB: Barbell

SS: Superset

Dropset: This is when you finish a set and than drop the weight to pump out more reps.

Tempo: Tempo is important when it comes to the eccentric ( the descend motion) and concentric portion (the positive motion) of a certain lift. Example: 3-0-1 tempo would be a 3 second negative, 0 second pause, and 1 second positive. 

The workouts will change every week so that you do not plateau and you never get bored. Each workout will tell you your exact rest time/ rep range.  For more of an instructional approach; checkout my workout videos by clicking here.