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Hands down one of my favorite flix to watch is


Where Bradley Coopers character takes a drug
called NZT that gives him the ability to
access his entire brain..

Wild..and pretty much awesome..

It blows me away that we can only access such
a small part of our brain..

Just imagine the possibilities..

Having access to it all

Just like in transforming your body or
upgrading your life..

The one key formula that’s missing for 99% of
people is ACCESS

What do I mean by this..

You probably have had the drive

You’ve tried it all aspects of training

Hell, you probably had a partner or friend
join you

Which is fine because when it comes to

No one likes being alone..

You try to maintain the habit of staying on
track with your diet and training..

The person you decided to bring on board to
join you…not so much

They start by bailing on you a couple of

They try and tempt you to go off track with
you goals..

or even worse..

They fell completely off the wagon, quit, and
brought you down with them…

“You are the average of the 5 people you
associate yourself with”

^write that down my friend

If you surround yourself with like minded
individuals who are on the same mission as you to

better themselves just as you are

There’s no chance of failure

Just like the guys inside the LostFit Elite Family..

They’ve been through the struggle before..

Lacking Direction

Lacking Motivation

Lacking Drive

++Until they were put in a successful
coaching realm

Regardless of how the day went..

How they felt..

They knew once they showed up and had


to people wanting to better themselves

There was no doubt that we would succeed in
reaching their goals

Sometimes when you’re in a mindset for

All it takes is a little access to reach the
next level

Logan “Limitless” Henry

Ps Access is always great, but you first must set the right plan in place to get you where you want to go

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