What happened to Patrick, Elliott and Craig - LostFit

What happened to Patrick, Elliott and Craig

I am not one to dwell on the past..

but for today I’ll make an exception

It’s only been five days into the new year,
but I’d like to shine a little spotlight on just

a few of the Elite Men inside LostFit
Starting with this message from sir Patrick

“Turns out joining Lostfit was one of the best
decisions I made in 2015 and life has never
been better. You are truly a professional
Logan Henry, cheers to you! May you continue
leveling up and changing lives in 2016!…”

Couldn’t be more proud of this man

-Down over 11 percent in body fat, newly
married, tons of energy to get through the
work day and in his words..

“I’m not sporting ‘b’ cups any more..”

and then there’s my man Elliott Summey

He put a response to a post and courier
article on new years resolutions stating:

“The force is strong with this one.. Little
does he know I’ve lost 18 pounds in 6
weeks!!! “

Becoming truly UNSTOPPABLE showing up for his
family like never before

and then there’s The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Craig Foster who seriously put in
the work and reaped some serious results

-starting his transformation journey he was at
270 pounds and 24% body fat.

As of now he’s sittin pretty at around 240
pounds and a staggering 11.4% body fat.

All in all

He’s dropped 30 pounds in weight and a
staggering 12.6% loss in overall body fat

On top of all that, he’s got a new house,
about to get married and turned into one hell
of a Super DAD

So yeah..

What are you waiting for?


Ahh, so you would like me to tell you what
they did

Not a problem my good man

1.) Tuned into my daily content (emails,
blogs, videos)

2.) Took a little bit of action (saw some

3.) INVESTED in themselves and joined the
LostFit Elite Alliance

4.) They took even MORE ACTION on the plan I
provided for them

(it blows me away, when people join something
and then don’t do jack and wonder why
they haven’t gotten results..yeah, that
doesn’t happen here)

5.) They ended up get the results
above…reflecting in all areas of their
lives body, relationships, career, and biz..

That is all for today

It’s time to get off the sidelines and STEP
things UP yourself

You either want results or your just not
ready yet

I’ll be ready when you are:


Logan ‘Transforming Modern Man’ Henry

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