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Why running could be harming you

So over the past few days, I’ve had some pretty insightful conversations with guys that finally who wanted to take back control of their lives

These same guys for so long thought they had
it covered with their health

Remembered telling themselves back in their
hay day

“I’ll never get like that”

Until reality set in…

And they had to face the fact that they had
become the very thing they swore up in down
they would never become

Out of Shape, Exhausted, Embarrassed, with
little to no energy to spare

They didn’t want to face it

Being a guy, I’m well aware that pride is a
major thing

And it’s hard to ask for help

It’s what the majority of the world is doing
day in, day out.


Scared to face reality…

Maybe you’ve felt the same?

Running from the reality of the way you let
things get with your body..with your life

Afraid to even look at what’s really going

It takes a lot of courage to look at where
you are and say

“Well actually I don’t feel like I thought I
would at this point in my life”

And it takes even more, to let your pride go
and reach out for help

Most guys aren’t willing to ever do this

But by avoiding the things that make you feel

You live a life of discomfort

For the guys I speak to weekly in multiple exploration sessions.. for so long they’ve been avoiding the situation…

For you maybe it’s feeling uncomfortable in
those snug pants of yours

Getting out of breath even when you bend
down to tie your shoes

Constantly tired, stressed and worrying about
your health

Whatever it is…

It can stop when you finally make the
decision to let it…

Find your strength, your inner courage and do
something about it

I’m here when you are ready:


Or as always keep going it alone…

But as I’ve told before about the guys that
go that route…

They’re caught in an endless cycle of going

Coach Logan


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