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Riddle Me This…

How can 2 people with the exact same
information, tools, and guidance have two
completely different outcomes..

One wins..

One fails miserably…

I’ll tell you how my friend

It has nothing to do with genetics

It has nothing to do with having more time

It has nothing to do with luck

It comes down to one simple thing…


See, I bring this up because new LostFit
Family member Dusty Garus posted an article
the other day inside our private coaching

that talked about pushing past your own


“When you think you’re done, you’re only 40%
done. If you can train yourself to get past
that initial warning of ‘I’m done’ from your
brain, then you probably have 60% more in

I couldn’t agree more

I can’t tell you how many times in my life
where I wanted to just throw my hands up and
surrender because things got ‘tough’

and my brain would just keep repeating over
and over

“You’re good, you don’t need to keep going”

Which then would lead me to rationalize and
justify why I failed at something

Blaming it on everyone else, but my self..

Which now brings me to ask you a question..

How’s everything going with your body, your
overall health & wellbeing…?

Be honest with me here..

Are you moving in the direction you want to


Are you just covering things up..

Sedating Yourself..

You know deep down you deserve the best

That little voice of fear telling you
everything’s fine just the way it is..


Maybe you’re thinking I don’t need to change Logan

My wife, partner or friends love me for me,
not by how I look

Ahh..that you are right my friend

but I’d have you consider that your body is
direct catalyst to all areas of your

How can you show up for everyone else, if
can’t even show up for yourself?

Plus you’re thinking only in terms of vanity..

Listen, out of all the busy guys I talk to on a daily

It’s not about the abs 

Sure, they would be nice..

but those are simply surface level goals and are only a by-product of what comes by them doing the work

The REAL results

The WHY they’re actually doing it..

Is to be able to lead by example

A role model for their kids or colleagues 

To be the ‘fit dad’ not the ‘fat dad’


Simply to become a better man for their wife or partner

All of this can become a new norm for YOU as well

but you are the only one to stop that..

When you have a shift in mindset..

You can be the best version of you..

Only needing the right direction..

From someone who’s been deep in the trenches
and walked through the fire

To be able to take you step-by-step to your
desired outcome

Showing you the fast track to a stronger,
healthier and MORE fit body

It definitely is not for those looking for
the quick-fix or who want results, but aren’t
willing to put in the work

However, it’s for those who are committed to
giving it their best ability and who want to
be part of an elite alliance of busy men who are on a
mission to upgrade their lives to
become an all around better man

Claim your spot to success below:


Logan “Not Done” Henry




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