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Why you need to own up to this (if you want results)

Consider this:

The day you finally start taking
responsibility for what happens to you is the
day you will start controlling what actually
happens to you.

See, most guys I meet (or anyone for that

Say things like:

“If only I had the time”

“My wife or partner won’t let me do this”

Regardless of the reasons you think are the
issue that’s stopping you

The moment you assign responsibility to
another person…

Is the same moment that you accept never to
be in control of your own life.

How do I know?

I used to do it myself…

Walking around in victim mode.

If only I were surrounded by the right people
in my life.

If only I had the finances to make things

If only, if only…

Constantly placing blame on others when in
reality, I was the problem.

Trying to cover it up and play the whole “I’m
the man, I’m tough, card.”

Because I thought admitting anything was
wrong was a sign of weakness.

And I’m here to tell you from my

When you choose to operate like this you will
find it impossible to achieve true happiness.

You can’t reach the body you want…

You can’t reach the relationships you want…

And the lifestyle you truly want, will
continue to run from you.

Accepting where you’re at is never easy and
it certainly isn’t going to happen overnight
or after reading just a few of these emails.

But today, my man, I’d have you consider
accepting everything.

Understanding there’s nothing wrong with
admitting you’re fed-up with the way things

You don’t have to let your ego slip in and
have you put a front on all the time.

Because how do you expect to move forward
towards the results you want if you continue
to play it off that everything’s just “Fine.”

So your mission for today is this:

Understand that it’s ok to not feel fine

It’s ok to ask for help.

It’s what every guy that’s come through the
LostFit Experience has done.

And once they were able to accept

That’s when true transformation emerged and
all of them have been unstoppable every

So if you’ve been holding back on asking for
help, I’ll be here when you’re ready.

And if that time is now, just click the link below reply  and I’ll be ready to help you out.

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Coach Logan

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