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It doesn’t feel so hard when it’s only this small

I seriously hate when this happens

Earlier in the week I planned on getting my
workout in early to of course start my day
with power..

The kicker here..

I slept in

Possibly from finishing off a long work day
and than indulging on a couple episodes of

(crazy show btw, more on this later)

However, I digress

I felt like a failure, like my whole day was
thrown off

Hard keeping focused on my entire plan for
the rest of the day

You been there?

I’m not spilling this to you to praise all
about training.

I have those day where at best I can tolerate

When stress takes over

Mind is going in a thousand different

Just like I’m sure you go through from time
to time

but I also refuse to feel like crap

So yeah..even with the hard days..I still get
it in

Reminds me of the busy guys within the lfit

They’ll hit an all time high, then LIFE hits
them hard

and they feel like giving up

So why if we want it so bad do we end up
giving up?

It comes down to this

When we don’t do the very actions we said we
would do we feel like we can’t do anything we

It challenges our own beliefs within

‘This happened at work, so I feel defeated’


‘Relationship stress is making it tough for
me to focus’

So how can we keep the belief within
ourselves and stay on FIRE (in a good way


Stop trying to conquer everything at once

Start small..and WIN big

What do I mean

If someone tells me they’ve had a tough week
or there’s external stress that’s holding
them back

I simply have them cut back on a few things

Could be on the overall days they train


The overall days they stick with nutrition

Making it so ‘easy’ there really is no chance
for failure

I would rather someone conquer at a few small

Then have them shoot for the stars and barley
accomplish anything

This is the same stuff I teach to all my
guys within the Lost Elite to overcome
struggles and obtain sustainable results

Find out more here:

PS Coming out with something special for all
lfit followers that will help guide you
to the ultimate transformation

even if you don’t get to take part within the
official elite realm

More deets on this later

Stay tuned

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