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What every busy guy ought to know about eating on the go

“I’m usually on the go throughout the day, or
traveling on vacation.. so what do you
recommend as far as quick nutrition goes?”

^from the messages to the emails, to the
coaching realm..this question seems to come up a lot

So I thought I’d clarify things for you a bit

Since you are always on the go, right?

See, just like you and every other busy guy
inside the LostFit elite lives life in the
fast lane

You don’t have time to harp over ‘prepping


Packing food that consist of nothing but
bland boring chicken and broccoli (who wants
that anyway)

You already have enough stress in your life
between balancing




The last thing you needs to do is spend hours
on hours trying to prep meals

So what do I do Logan?

Glad you asked my man


When you are on the go

You want to AVOID this at all cost

I’m talking about avoiding decision fatigue

The less you have to think, the better

Your main priority is just to get something
in your system

So here’s just a quick rundown for you:

==>Liquid Nutrition: Getting nutrients in your
system doesn’t always mean you have to have a
solid meal at hand

==>Snacks: Mixed Nuts, Beef Jerky, Certain
Protein Bars..all work wonders

==>Quick Stop: Sometimes you might be in a
situation where you have no choice but to eat

That’s fine just be aware of what you are


Do your best not to over indulge

Just because you might be on a mission to
better yourself and get in better shape

Doesn’t mean YOU (or your loved ones) have to suffer


Live life like a hermit


Regardless of what the magazines might say

I’m all about doing the SIMPLE

And same goes for the guys who entered
through here:


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