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Don’t believe it (it’s not true)

This past weekend I finally got to catch

the flick “Night Crawler” featuring Jake

It’s been in my que for quite sometime now

and I figured it was time to give it a go..

I loved it

I can’t give it all away because than you
won’t watch it..

But the premise is about a


jobless guy (gyllenhall)

who ends up capturing rare crime footage
around the city of Los Angeles..

He ends up hiring an intern to get to each
crime scene quicker then the other guy..

There’s only one problem..

His intern isn’t much of a brave soul

He’s entering into some hardcore stuff here

I’m not talking petty crime or theft

These are brutal crime scenes that are quite
bloody as well

but I’ll let you Netflix it to discover more for


Gyllenhall can sense that his intern is
always a bit skeptical of things..

Let’s say fearful..

On the way to a scene he leans over to the

and states..

Do you have any idea what the meaning of fear
actually is..





^write that one down amigo

Fear is usually the number one reason why
going through change can be hard

It usually comes down to

holding onto a story that just merely is
figment of your own imagination


This is huge because when it comes to
destroying the past

and not letting FEAR
conflict with your future..

You need to step aside

and really take note of the stressful thought that’s currently roaming about throughout your brain..

Ex. I’m afraid that if I get in better shape,
people won’t treat me the same?


Will I be the most out of shape one there..?

^^come across these FEARs quite often with
people I coach

Regardless if those are your questions or not

Whatever it is..Write it down and most


v laying the questions out for you

1. Is it true? (the thought or belief your
thinking about)

2. Can you absolutely be certain it’s true?

3.How do you react when you believe this

4. Who would you be without that thought?

—>4 simple questions that will set you FREE

If the fear persists even after inquiring
Then do it every single day on that that one
specific thought..

and I promise

You’ll come to a NEW realization


What life would be like if you didn’t attach
to the stories your mind has simply created..


I did this for so long

Anxiety, Stress, Confusion

always ran though me making life decisions
pretty difficult…

You have everything you need right in front
of you..

It’s not about needing anything to happen..

You just need to make a choice..

How can you make yourself just one step
better than the day before..

You might be thinking…

What in the world does this have to do with

Well my friend…

You must first love yourself

and fix the internal you

Otherwise you won’t be showing
up in any area of your life..

(does this constantly show up as trying to
lose weight, get in better shape, only to
just fall off time and time again?)

For there to be consistent evolution on the
outside, you must first create a Revolution
on the inside..

If your ready to start evolving on the
outside then step inside here:

Logan “Just Ask” Henry

PS This one thing will either

make or break your success..

Not only in transforming your body

but literally when it comes to everything in your life

I will drop this doozy on you tomorrow

Stay tuned my friend

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