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You Don’t Have to Be Motivated to Reach Your Goals

Let me tell you a story:



I remember like it was yesterday.

Cruising out on the lake with family and
friends to celebrate a good ole 4th of July.

Drinks were flowing and good times were to be
had by all.

Funny thing was I was nowhere near the shape
I’m in now.

See, all along I had a passion for working out and
helping others…

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But, as I was finishing up college, things
began to get a bit stressful, my routine
was out of whack and before I knew it…

I had packed on a few unwanted pounds.

Thing is it didn’t hit me until one of my
family members mentioned something to the
likes of:

“Hey, looks like someone’s putting on a little
weight, you keep this up and before you know
it, you’ll have a nice sized gut…”

Now, I know there’s always a good laugh to be
had amongst loved ones, but it was something
that lit a fire under my ass to get back to
who I was before and never look back.

Isn’t it crazy, though?

We won’t do something for a long ass time in
any area of our lives.

Until the minute we finally get the
motivation after feeling triggered by something.

Think about it…

Aside from being called overweight, let’s look a little deeper here at things that might cause us to make moves and take action on things we normally we would resist.

=> One of your close friends or family members passes suddenly due to health related reasons

=> You lose money because your production at work goes to shit because by the time 2 o’clock’re already tapped out.

=> Your wife makes a comment to you about how hot the guy on her latest tv drama looks (something she used to say about you)

=>Your kids speak their mind to you and others about how fat
daddy’s getting.

Whatever it might be…

It’s usually something that hits us right where it hurts but serves as the best prescription to finally have us make some moves.

So we finally get fed up with the way things are, we’ve had enough, and decide that it’s time.

Getting into a mode of what I like to call:

“LostFit Ready”

The next thing you know, you’re sitting there
saying to yourself…

I wanted these results like yesterday…

Your Body

Your Relationships

Your Career

Is a by-product of putting your greatest
effort in.

Day in and day out.

Nothing more. Nothing Less.

And, if you know a thing or two about

Swinging Singles is a lot better than trying
to hit big ass home runs every day.

If you try to do more, you will BURN out

Don’t do enough…

And, you will begin to get frustrated with
yourself as to why you’re not seeing the
results you would like.

I’m here to tell you, my man…

There will be days that Rock.

And there will be days that Suck.

But, regardless of what day it is or how you

Make sure you refuse to give up.

Be willing to go all in on yourself and get
after it even when no one is looking.

Let go of any self-doubt and take hold of
what you truly want.

Do your best today, focus on YOU, don’t
compare yourself to others and continue to
EXPAND, grow, and level-up towards the person
you ultimately want to be.

And, when you least expect it…

Your new best will be something beyond what
you ever thought was possible.

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get sustainable results?

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Logan Henry, Founder and Lead Transformation Coach, LostFit

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