Why you should master this (and How you can benefit from doing it often ) - LostFit

Why you should master this (and How you can benefit from doing it often )

If you are new to resistance training


It’s been a while since you stepped back into the training realm

Push-Ups will help improve your overall performance within the gym

giving you the ability to increase your overall strength to lead

you down the path towards accelerated fat loss

and of course if you are busy or constantly on the go

they will serve justice for a quick workout

What do you do if you can’t even do 1 push-up..?


To get better at your overall push-ups start doing the following protocol over the next 28 days and you will see things improve rapidly

Follow this below


Start with 30 push ups for the first day (50 if your more advanced).

Than add 1 extra rep everyday for 28 days. So if you were to perform 30 the first day than the next day you would follow it up with 31. Simple yet very effective. The total volume you place on your chest will be outstanding.

Frequency is key for mastering push-ups

and Pull-Ups..(that’s a post for a later date)

Logan ‘Push-Up’ Henry


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