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Why You Should Surround Yourself With Like-Minded Individuals

Here’s a nice little gem I picked up after
having an insightful conversation with one of
the men inside the LostFit Elite Family:

“You know that word ‘family’ tends to get
thrown around loosely, but I told my boy that
sometimes in life, you get to choose your

I couldn’t agree more.

Now, you may be thinking…

“No, Logan. You can’t choose your family,
you’re pretty much stuck with the cards you’re
dealt with.”

And, you’re right… to an extent.

See, he was speaking in terms of having those
people in your life that might not be blood
related, but regardless of what happens to
you… they’ll stand by your side no matter

Whether it be a close friend you grew up with
or someone you met that digs the same stuff
as you.

It’s an unbreakable bond that can’t be

And, it’s the same type of bond each of these men
experience inside the LostFit Elite Family.

All of them have gone through similar
struggles inside their lives and each of them our on
a mission to become the best version of

Regardless of where they’re at physically, it
doesn’t matter.

Because everyone starts from where they’re
at and no one is there to judge.

I get it, though…

From the outside looking in you might not see

Being a man myself, I know it’s hard to put
trust in someone, little alone people you
don’t even know.

But, I’ll have you consider the moment you’re
willing to drop your pride and surround
yourself with greatness is the same moment
you’ll take your results to another level.

Because in the end…

The “Lone Wolf” eventually starves and trying
to do it all on your own will only get you so

Click here if you’re ready to surround your
self with greatness so you can take your
results to the next level.

Logan ‘Family’ Henry

PS- Association is a POWERFUL thing.

And, once you find those people in your life
who are willing to hold you to a higher

Do whatever you can to never let them out of
your life.

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