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The King of kung fu speakeths

Behold this little beaut from a legend himself:

“I fear not the man who has practiced
10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has
practiced one kick 10,000 times”

One of my favorite quotes of all time.

But what’s this got to do with getting in

Let me explain, my friend.

One of the biggest mistakes I see when guys
are trying to transform their bodies is
trying to jump from one idea to another
hoping something “magical” will happen…

The same guys complain about their wives,
partners, or girlfriends jumping from one
thing to another.

But here’s the thing…

NONE of it is Persistent…

NONE of it is Consistent…

NONE of it is Measurable…

I get messages everyday from guys asking:

“How can I drop this gut or ditch these love handles?”

Well, first off you must LEARN and STUDY

You can’t expect to ditch your gut
overnight or lose weight by just going
through the motions.

You must UNDERSTAND the process…

You can’t expect to get in shape if you don’t
know HOW to get Fit and Lean.

Kind of obvious right?

Let’s put this quote into perspective

I coached a client that was over 28% body fat
(almost diagnosed clinically obese), over 230
pounds, and always known as the “Fat” guy

Being in his mid-thirties and a busy life to
tend to he hadn’t touched a weight in quite
some time…

But he committed and went on his
transformation journey, showing up every week
and putting in the work needed.

Detaching from how he ‘felt’ and never
missing a beat…


=>He’s now under ten percent body fat

=> Those once snug pants now fit better than ever
before and he’s now got more confidence than he knows
what to do with

But I come across guys all the time who
train for like 2 weeks and expect to look
like the guy off a Men’s Health Cover

When they realize it’s not as easy as they

They surrender and quit…

Move on to the next diet…

The Next P90x DVD (or whatever fad is in at the moment)

Hoping that it’s the “magic sauce” that will
finally, solve their problems.

Listen up, comrade.

Bruce Lee was right.

One (trusted) technique practiced 1,000 times


One thousand (blind sided) techniques
practiced only once

A clear hands down winner every time goes to
option A.

Getting Lean, Fit, and looking damn good naked is really
simple, but it NOT easy.

That’s why you must stay consistent and
remain persistent my man.

Commit to mastering the art of an unbeatable mindset,
training, nutrition, conditioning, and body

If you still don’t understand all of the

Then expect to stay exactly where you’re at
and not TRANSFORM.

If you know “it’s time”

Click here and I’ll reach out to you soon.

Till next time,

Coach Logan

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