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I have the answer

“The other programs I’ve tried seemed to lack

it’s like we’d just go through the
motions, train, than wouldn’t speak again
or have any interaction until the next training…

there was a big disconnect”

^statement made during my latest strategy
session with a guy who was fed up trying

to figure things out on his own..

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this
sort of statement


Its one of the biggest problems I see within
in the fitness realm today

Whether it be

Getting on with some cheap ‘happy clappy’

Joining some obnoxious (injury prone) Crossfit class


Going through yet another boring, repetitive
workout dvd

There isn’t anything that’s giving you
meaning behind what it is your actually

Show up

Do a couple of exercises (maybe even break a
sweat if you’re lucky)

Then go back to you’re everyday

Stressful routine

of what we call


No one ever gets deep on delivering what
matters MOST


On all levels




Giving you the ability to show up as

‘that GUY’

-The guy that is doesn’t have to be put on meds
and is confident about playing sports with
his kids

-The guy that has energy to dominate at work


come home to have energy for his family
(and not just end up as a certified couch

-The guy that walks tall because he knows he
controls his life

This goes beyond just having the surface



More Defined etc

Those are just simply a byproduct of what
you get after going through a life changing
transformation journey

The true transformation happens beyond the noticeable external benefits

and becomes

the most POWERFUL when things carry over to internal

part of your life

Something that these busy guys have never experienced
before until showing up inside here:


Just like the other busy guys inside the lostfit elite

They realized they wanted something different

That went beyond just ‘training’ and actually
carried over to ALL areas of their life

You can too


The choice is yours

Logan ‘Creating Connection’ Henry

PS If you want clarity on how to get from where you are to where you ultimately want to go..

A discovery session will give you a full step-by-step blueprint for free, so you can finally stop

going through the motions and actually have an effective plan in place to get where you truly

want to go
































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