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‘I owe it to them’ You?

You owe it to them…

You truly do..

When you work with as many busy working professionals as I do..You
get to know them well

And one thing I’m positive of…


90% of the busy working professionals that come to me and enter the

Do it for their family and loved ones

“I owe it to my family”


“To the ones that mean the most to me”

is what they
always say to me

Deep down when we cut through everything of
why they want to get Lean, Stay Healthy and
Have Less Stress

It eventually comes down to the ones closest
to them..the ones they love the most in life

**Not being able to stay up with their
spouse, partner or have enough energy to play with the

**How they feel guilty and selfish to even
think about focusing on themselves

**How they are overwhelmed and stressed from
work life

**How they don’t feel as confident with the
other half as they did when they we’re

That they might end up getting sick, because
health problems run in their family

and the GIANT ONE

THAT they will end up going through the same health

struggles just like they’ve seen others

in their family before


**Unhappy with their physical presence

**Lacking Confidence In Themselves

it’s the absolute last thing that any person wants

to go through as life continues

So then they come to the realization that
it’s time

Time for them to INVEST IN THEMSELVES and set
a good example because it’s truly the only

because a better version of YOU= A better
spouse, a better partner, a better business

But you can lose weight, have more energy,
improve your relationships, and become the
ultimate family man?


It all starts with what I teach within
LostFit Elite

Starting with core principles to ACCELERATE

Shifting your mindset to the realization that
you truly can have it all in life

There is just one simple step needed to be
taken and that is to click BELOW


Fill in the form.. book the strategy to see if
it’s for you..

If it’s not.. what have you lost?


There has to be a direction to a better way
of doing things..

and luckily there is…

The LostFit Way

Join the revolution and lead the way for your

Logan “lead the way” Henry

PS It all comes down to a shift in your
mindset to truly propelling forward and
getting exactly what you want out of life

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