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Ego Crusher

Alright brother, if you’ve been to the gym before you’ve probably been asked once before-“How much can you lift?”

It seems as if many frequent gym goers are controlled by one thing.

Their Egos.

I have come to believe that a big ego in the gym can crush the desire to build muscle in a proper and efficient manner.

Here’s why:

One, proper form is key. Too many times I’ve seen people throwing weights around without paying attention to form.

They may feel they are “pumping it out,” but in reality they are on their way to serious injury.

To effectively build muscle you must use proper form.

Don’t start anything until you know the task at hand (picture what muscles you’re going to attack and really focus on isolating and contracting effectively.) Take time to properly do the exercise and the pay off will be greater results. You may have heard the phrase “mind muscle connection.” I repeat this phrase over and over in my head as I’m working out to make sure to that I’m properly isolating the correct muscle group.

The second key to focus on is tempo.

Without tempo you’re doing nothing and it looks pretty foolish too. Slow and steady wins the race!

When dong a “set,” along with counting each rep, also count the eccentric and concentric portions of your movements.

The eccentric motion is the descending part of your exercise; this plays a crucial role in building muscle. Try counting to a rep count of 4 seconds down and 1 second up. The 4 seconds should be much slower and the 1-second motion should be more explosive. Though performing each motion is equally as important together in sequence, you’re strongest in the eccentric motion. Slow it down and give your fibers a chance to work to their maximum potential.

The final key to building muscle effectively is to use a weight that you can control and contract with properly. Weight is important when it comes to building muscle, but most of the time its role is over exaggerated.

Your muscles don’t realize how much you’re lifting; they only recognize the stimulus of tension that you’re creating within the fibers.

Progressive overload comes in many different forms, not just adding more weight.

Ego Killer,

Logan Henry

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