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I get this a lot from the guys that join the
elite group..

“I really wanted to join a while ago, but I
first wanted to get myself in bit of shape

Which sounds mental.. As that is what I do
for you..

but I can understand completely

I mean I used to say the same thing

I’ll get a coach when I’m more motivated

Though that’s one of the main benefits I knew
I needed

To be held accountable for the things I said
I would do


I will join up when I’m more confident or in
a better place in my life..

That’s basically like saying I’ll only do
something if I can master it first….

Surely you must try something first before
you can go in and just be perfect at it..

How else would you expect to achieve anything
great in your life if you don’t at least try

But here’s reality for you my friend

The very things that you are resisting are
the very things that are going to get you
what you want most in life

You already know what needs to be done,
otherwise you wouldn’t be reading these
emails daily

I’ll have you consider the only way you will
accomplish those things or in anything in
your life is to actually get started

Fear feeds off time…the longer you wait to
go after what it is you want the harder it

Take the leap

and join the elite family

You’re only experiencing obstacles because of
the resistance you face

but now that you’re clear on what it is
that’s stopping you

You’re next step is to walk into the void and
face the very thing you fear the most

because until you do..

You will never get in the shape you want

Just like I never got to where I wanted until
I hired coaches to guide me

So your mission for today is to take note of
the resistance you face

Whatever it is face it and do something about


because if you don’t plan on getting started

odds are you never will

Logan ‘step into the void’ Henry

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