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New: Summer Sprint Workout

In this video I will take you through an effective HIIT workout that will have you burning fat and most importantly mobilizing body fat. When you mobilize body fat your able to use fatty acids as fuel. This workout is quick and dirty, but will have you spent by the end of it. If you need more details on membership click here.

New Section Added: Exercise Library

The exercise library will be filled with tons of instructional clips on how to perform an exercise properly. I will take all the guess work out of everything so you will know the most advanced exercises and how to perform them correctly. Check it out today inside the Lostfit Members Section. Not a member? Click here to get more details.

Transformation Inspiration

I am truly inspired by my fellow clients who push past their own limitations and fight for what they want. Check out David’s story and see how Lostfit changed his life forever. Click here to view testimonial.

Lost Q&A HIIT Training

New Lost Q&A on HIIT Training. I will discuss the benefits of doing High Intensity Interval Training, how often it should be performed, and how it can help you stay in a lean condition year round. Check it out today inside the Lostfit Member Section.

An Elite Transformation

In the summer of 2013 actor Jamie Costa had 2 months to transform into an incredible super hero. Through hard work, consistency, and the guidance of Lostfit he prevailed. Check out this interview I had with him to discuss his overall transformation process.

Since this is a flashback get out there and get on the gridiron with your superhuman abilities:

Today’s Workout:

8X60 YRD Sprints: 20 sec rest

10X70 YRD Sprints: 30 sec rest

12X100 YRD Sprints: 40 sec rest

6X25 Push-Ups SS 50 YRD sprints SS 25 Jump Squats SS 50 YRD sprints SS 50 Mountain Climbers: 60 sec rest

Grind on,

Logan Henry

By the way,

For More Free Workouts like the one above Join the Lostfit Insider to the right hand side of this blog and follow the movement of the modern man.

Cookie Dough Dream

Who doesn’t like a little cookie dough now and than? Here I will take you through one of my favorite recipes that is packed with high protein and is a great alternative to the regular stuff. Check it out today inside the Lostfit Cookbook inside the members section. Not a member yet, click here for details.

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