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Blindfolds, Balls, and Beaches

Talk about a title, eh…

And, trust me, this isn’t about some long
lost 1970’s dirty flick…so get your head out
of the gutter, my man.

This is about the crucial factor that
determines your success or failure in any
area of life.

Let me explain.

See, as you may already know (or not), the
men inside the LostFit League of Brothers
were put to a challenge recently
that would allow them to realize they aren’t
attacking life as hard as they should.

From relationships to career to mindset,
and of course body…

This experience allowed each of them to walk
away with a sense of calm, clarity and power
to be able to show in all walks of life at
their highest form.

For this to take place they were pushed to
their limits…mentally, emotionally, and

Everything they did served a purpose and
wasn’t just thrown in there for kicks and

In the first couple of hours, they were put
through different challenges that could only
be completed if they worked as a team.

This can be tough for some men as they like
to think they can handle everything on their

And, don’t worry… I’m not here pointing

I’ve been there before myself, so I get it.

But, in my experience, I’ve learned that when
associated with the right team behind you,
you can complete your goals much faster.

Which is exactly what these men did.

Starting off there was a lot of blaming and
pointing fingers.

Not in a bad way, it was simply just ego’s

But, the moment the ego took a back seat,
challenges were completed in half the time.

The biggest takeaway?

Communication is VITAL for your success
inside any area of life.

*Communication with your wife or significant

*Communication with your kids…

*Communication with your employees or

So next time you have an urge to keep quiet
or hold back on anything because you think
you got it all covered.

Consider you can go much further with proper
communication at work.

A skill that each of these men inside the
LostFit Elite have taken to another level.

And there’s no reason you can’t either.

Click here if you’re ready to level up.

Logan ‘Communication’ Henry

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