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I’ve been BANNED


“This High Octane jolt of liquid energy will
jump-start a Rhino’s morning..so it should
work for you..”

This is what the label reads on my insanely
powerful coffee that my love got me as a

It’s called ‘Banned’ Coffee.

She knows a good cup of coffee is the way to
my heart…

Not only because I enjoy the taste of it

but also the benefits it can provide for
keeping in shape and increasing your
cognitive function to perform at your highest
level at work.

Let me explain.


Some love it, some adore it, some just can’t
get enough of it.

Besides tasting damn good and getting your
day going…

Coffee can also be one hell of helper when it
comes to shedding off unwanted body fat and
simply just looking better naked…

It takes the special cup of joe to get the
job done, right, though.

Not that I’m hating on someone’s triple
sugared latte…

But if a cup of joe done right every day
could have you getting more done at work in
less time.

And loosen up those snug pants of yours.

Wouldn’t you give it a shot?

It’s all about adding the right things.

Your Sugar…

Your Creamer…

Hold back on those for now (one packet of
Splenda now and then won’t hurt, I said one,
not 4 spoonfuls, my man )

Instead, add these two simple ingredients:

1) 1 TBSP of Coconut Oil

2) 1/2 scoop of Whey Isolate Protein
Powder..flavor is up to you, but vanilla
usually goes well

Stir it up and go.

It’s really that simple

Why would you do this?

Let me dive a little deeper.

In the morning your body is primed to burn

Most people ruin this opportunity by slamming
down a huge hardy breakfast…

I’m not hating on breakfast..but in reality
it really isn’t the most important meal of
the day like most would have you believe.

But beyond just burning body fat your body is
optimized to mobilize body fat.

Which is what you want when it comes to
squeezing the unwanted fat out of all those
trouble areas like…

The Man Boobs.

The Love Handles.

The Gut.

All in all

It’s like magic in a cup.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Coach Logan Henry

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