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5 reasons your not getting the results you desire

It doesn’t matter how hard you work or how
relentless you might be..

There are a couple of key flaws that could be
stopping your progress.

1. Your not following a periodized plan.

If you don’t have a plan you will simply not
make progress.

Whether you want to “tone” up or add some
lean muscle

Going through the motions will simply not get
you there. Something all LIC members are
fully aware of.

2. Your Not Challenging Yourself Enough

I don’t care if you have 20 minutes or 60
minutes to put towards exercise each day..

If you don’t challenge yourself by using
heavier weights, varying your rep schemes, or
taking shorter rest periods..

Your fat will be in for the long haul and
won’t go anywhere

3. Your Testosterone Levels aren’t Optimal

To purge that extra (unwanted) fat from your
body, high t production is important to keep
in check.

For most clients I recommend at least twice
a week having a diet that is rich in fats

Especially the saturated ones..

Yes, saturated fats

As long as high quality fats aren’t mixed
with a high carbohydrate diet

(low carb on these days)

Than t production will be flourishing and so
will accelerated fat loss

>fish oil high in epa and dha is a must as well
—->3-5 grams per day

4. Your Sleep Cycle Sucks

I’m right there with ya brother, sleep, no
body has time for that.

You must get back on track though.

7 hours minimum

8 is right on point

Trust me, your body will thank you for it.

5. Your addicted to Cardio

People think, I need to get lean, therefore I
will ramp up my cardio

Try instead to hit 4-5 Weight (40 min)
Sessions per week and finish off with

15 minutes of high intensity work

try a barbell complex like I suggest here: http://lostfit.com/independentworkout/

These could be the very things holding you

back from change..

With a little tweak and some consistency,

Change is bound to occur.

Always stay on point,


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