The 8 Best Cardio Workouts for The Guy Who Hates Running

If you’ve been tuning in for some time now, you know my beef with traditional

cardio in terms of burning fat and losing those unwanted pounds…

If you’re new here, first read this:


Plus, if you’re a fan of running, awesome, keep doing what you love…

However, if you hate running or you’d like to accelerate your results…

I’d have you consider giving these 8 Best Cardio Workouts a Go


#1- 15 Minute Bodyweight Burner

#2- Full Body Dumbbell Fat Blaster  

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#3- Killer Bodyweight Circuit

 #4- Metabolic Meltdown Workout

#5- 15-Minute Metabolic Cardio Ladder Workout

#6- 10 Minute Fat Melting HIIT Workout

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